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Longer Wait for Donor Eggs

A new law on fertility treatment, which takes effect next month, has led to a sharp decline in egg cell donors. The newspaper Aamulehti reports that the number of egg donors has fallen to about half, and the wait for donated eggs can take twice as long as before.

In Tampere and Helsinki, for instance, the wait for donated eggs can be as long as more than two years. Doctors hope that the phenomenon will be temporary.

As of next month, sperm and egg cells can be used in fertility treatment only if there is a record of the identity of the donors. Under the law, the children conceived with donor eggs or sperm have the right to learn the identity of the donor when they turn 18.

A doctor interviewed by Aamulehti says that some potential donors might be discouraged by the fact that the new law also restricts payments to egg donors to a moderate compensation for the pain involved.


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