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Lordi Opens First Asian Tour

Finnish monster rockers Lordi open their first tour in Asia with a concert in Japan on Monday, before flying to the United States to try and bring their unique brand of monster metal to Americans.

Lordi enjoyed some success in Finland before their shock victory in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, but it was that veunue which really catapulted them to stardom. They will return to Finland in time to perform at this year's contest.

"We are a strange bird, as we do not play metal music per se - although many want to label us that way. We play more like retro 1980s rock," band frontman Tomi Putaansuu, Mr. Lordi himself, told Reuters.

"If you catch the drift, it takes you one second to get hooked. If it is not instant, it is likely you will never get it."

The group, which performs in gruesome masks and elaborate costumes, has also begun making a horror movie which is set to be released before Christmas. Putaansuu told the Reuters that the film will be a full-blooded horror flick entirely inappropriate for children.

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