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Lost and found: Amusement park's Anaconda snake went missing for 2 weeks

An amusement park worker says 'Houdini' would be a good name for the snake, which was found on Wednesday.

Särkänniemen karkurikäärme
Image: Maria Nykänen / Yle

A metre-long Anaconda snake, which went missing from Tampere's Särkänniemi Amusement Park two weeks ago, has been found. The search effort resulted in the complete dismantlement of the park's Aquarium terrarium, where the snake had been housed before its escape.

The snake, which was found on Wednesday night, has become a minor celebrity, according to Sarkänniemi’s director of development Ville Aarresuo.

The snake’s disappearance ended happily when the snake, which had been lost in the terrarium’s structure for two weeks, suddenly fell from the ceiling of the aquarium’s entryway where it was discovered by surprised visitors.

"There were definitely a lot of screams of excitement,” says Aarresuo.

Now that the snake has returned, many have suggested that it should be given a new name. One of the most popular suggestions has been Houdini, after Harry Houdini, the early 20th century master escape artist.

”I think that this is one of the strongest options for a name at this point,” says Aarresuo.

The Anaconda, or water boa, is a nonvenomous snake usually found in South America and can grow to a length of more than four metres.

The predominantly nocturnal species spends much of its life in water, floating with its nose just above the surface. When prey comes close, the Anaconda strikes by coiling itself around the body of its prey and suffocates it.

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