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Mail carriers to become walking data collectors

In an effort to update its business model, Posti has equipped its mail carriers with data collection devices to gather information on fuel prices. During their mail rounds around the country, carriers could easily be used to collect valuable data for businesses.

Postinjakaja ajaa pyörää Kuopiossa.
Tulevaisuudessa postinjakajat saattavat myös kerätä huoltoasemien hintatietoja. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

Long gone are the days when mail carriers only needed to worry about delivering mail. These days, mail carriers have become a jack of all trades of sorts.

The Finnish post Posti has equipped its carriers with data collection devices. Using these devices, mail carriers doing their rounds have gathered information regarding, for example, fuel prices, reveal documents obtained by Yrittäjänsanomat. 

Mail carriers collected data on competitors' daily fuel prices for the gas station chain ABC.

Posti said it is currently not carrying out data collection, although it has tried it in the past.

”Gathering data is definitely something we could do in the future using our national network. We are currently in the process of developing new business models for Posti,” says Vice President Timo Anttila to Yrittäjänsanomat.

Recently, Posti has expanded vigorously outside the mail business, and currently offers clients additional lawn mowing services and elderly care.

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