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Man killed in southern Finland after shooting at police

A motorist was killed by police in Lempäälä after speeding off and opening fire from his car when a police unit tried to make him pull over.

Image: Yle uutisgrafiikka

A man was killed on Saturday in the municipality of Lempäälä in Pirkanmaa, after firing on police officers repeatedly from his car.

The situation was set in motion at around 3 pm in the area's Moisio district, when law enforcement officials tried to stop a car they believed was carrying suspicious individuals.

Instead of pulling over, the driver of the car sped off and the police gave pursuit. After trailing the vehicle for several kilometres, the unit was finally able to pull up alongside the fleeing motorist.

A police statement says the runaway driver then opened fire on the police car. Police officers shot back at the driver, who subsequently died of his wounds. One police officer was also injured in the incident, but not severely.

Police are still investigating the fatality, which took place near the Turku motorway's ramp 35 that leads to Lempäälä. The ramp is closed and the area has been cordoned off until the procedures are complete.

The Central Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation, and the office of the prosecutor general will examine the circumstances of the police officer's firearm use.

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