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Man who crashed into police car faces 3 counts of attempted murder

A high-speed car chase last spring in Oulu left three people injured and three vehicles destroyed, spurring an array of criminal charges.

Kolaroineita autoja Hailuodontiellä Oulunsalossa.
Three vehicles were totalled on Hailuodontie on 19 April, 2018. Image: Risto Degerman / Yle

A man who crashed into a police car in the northern city of Oulu last April has been charged with three counts of attempted murder among many other charges.

The prosecutor says the man tried to kill three police officers after a high-speed chase from Kempele to Oulunsalo. He allegedly drove at speeds of up to 180 kilometres an hour while under the influence of cocaine, and pointed a fake gun at police during the chase.

His car crashed into a police vehicle that had been left as part of a roadblock on Hailuodontie. He then smashed into a private car, injuring one person.

He tried to collide head-on with two other police cars, which were carrying a total of three officers. According to the writ of summons, if he had struck the vehicles, the officers inside would probably have been killed.

The driver faces a dozen charges including aggravated endangerment with a vehicle and making unlawful threats. The officers are also seeking personal damages.

Wild chase after burglary and assault

The driver, in his mid-30s, and a passenger in his car were also injured. They were both detained. They were fleeing the scene of a suspected burglary earlier in the day on Tullivahdinkatu in the Heinäpää neighbourhood of southern Oulu. They are also suspected of assaulting a person who was in the flat, according to local newspaper Kaleva.

Blood tests analysed by the National Institute for Health and Welfare found that the driver was under the influence of cocaine and other substances.

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