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Manufacturers recall dubious vitamin D supplements

The ferment over vitamin D food supplements has mushroomed since a university study showed that many products did not live up to the claims on their labels.

Jauhettua d-vitamiinitablettia tutkitaan laboratoriossa.
A crushed vitamin supplement pill under scrutiny in a lab. Image: Yle

Manufacturers of questionable vitamin D supplements have pulled their products from retail distribution, following findings by the University of Eastern Finland showing that many products fall short of the claims on their packaging.

The EU-based manufacturers of Force D 125 vitamin D and Mega D3 125 dietary supplements have withdrawn the products, following the study which suggested that the products contained no vitamin D at all.

Earlier on Thursday, Kristiina Vuori of the Yliopiston Apteekki pharmacy chain confirmed that orange-flavoured Sana Sol vitamin D tablet supplements were also removed from circulation.

The university study showed that the vitamin content was below the recommended daily allowance.

The food safety agency Evira is to re-test some of the questionable products.

Residents of countries with long winter darkness, such as Finland, are strongly recommended to take vitamin D supplements.

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