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Marimekko expands in the USA

The iconic Finnish design house is branching out in the United States and opening shops in ritzy locales, including Beverly Hills.

Marimekon myymälä Hong Kongissa.
Marimekko’s bright textiles are sold in 40 countries including Hong Kong, pictured here. Image: Marimekko

Marimekko is opening retail shops in three US cities this year: Boston, Beverly Hills and Palo Alto in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

"As a unique design brand, the locations of our new stores are strategically very important to us. The forthcoming 'Marimekko house' in Beverly Hills is of great significance for us, as we wish to build a profile among people of influence in the entertainment and movie industry," said Marimekko CEO Mika Ihamuotila in a statement.

According to Ihamuotila Palo Alto, which will see its own Marimekko store later this autumn, is "within reach of perhaps the world’s most interesting technology companies and private equity investors as well as Stanford University."

On the East Coast, Marimekko’s Boston shop, which opened this week, is also in close proximity to Ivy League institutions "in an area popular with students and faculty of some of the United States’ leading universities, such as Harvard and MIT," explained company chief Ihamuotila.

Founded in 1951 in Finland, Marimekko products are today sold in some 40 countries.

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