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Measles, activation model among top 10 most-Googled terms in Finland

Topics related to politics, health, crime and data security were among the top terms people in Finland explored in the world’s biggest search engine.

Kissa katselee Googlen hakusivua.
Image: John G. Mabanglo / EPA

Data culled from the world’s largest search engine Google revealed Wednesday that the fastest-rising terms users search for reflected the year’s hottest topics, while the most search-for terms changed very little.

This year Google found that the terms users in Finland typed into the search bar most included presidential election, Airiston Helmi – referencing a high-profile money laundering investigation that involved a property search by a large contingent of heavily-armed police forces – measles and activation model.

Additionally, people sought enlightenment on GDPR – a new EU data protection regulation – Helsinki’s swank new library Oodi and Helsinki’s Kalastajatorppa Hotel, where US President Donald Trump stayed ahead of his summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin in July and Movement Now or Liike Nyt! a political movement launched by ex-National Coalition Party MP Harry "Hjallis" Harkimo.

Seeking help for a hot summer

"One very clear trend that emerged [in the searches] was [this year’s] extremely warm summer," Google analyst Jaakko Pihlaja said in a statement on Wednesday.

During the past summer meteorologists recorded 64 days when the average daytime temperature soared above 25 degrees Celsius in Finland. The figure was just one day shy of the previous 65-day record from 2002.

According to Pihlaja, people also scoured the internet for ways to beat the heat, with searches focusing on cooling equipment, sun rashes, treating heat stroke and even monitoring the spread of blue-green algae.

"Searches were primarily conducted on mobile devices, which accounted for half of searches. 'Near me' searches increased this year by up to 50 percent compared to last year in Finland," he added.

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