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Meat processing firm HKScan to slash up to 211 jobs

Finnish food corporation HKScan said it needs to improve profits and competitiveness.

HKScanin Forssan tuotantolaitoksella lihanleikkausta
Image: HKScan

Finnish meat producer HKScan announced on Monday that it plans to cut up to 211 jobs in order to boost profitability.

The food company said it would start retrenchment negotiations at its production and logistics units in Vantaa, Forssa, Mikkeli, Paimio and Outokumpu.

The firm said that negotiations could result in up to 211 redundancies and that contracts for remaining employees may change. However white collar positions within the production and logistics unit will not be affected, the company said.

“Our objective is to significantly increase flexibility and productivity, which in turn should boost our competitiveness and profitability,” Sami Sivuranta from HKScan said in a press release.

Last year, the company had net sales of 1.8 billion euros and an operating loss of 40 million euros. HKScan currently employs around 7,300 people.

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