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Median Finnish wage less than 3,000 euros

If your monthly gross income—that is before taxes and other deductions—is 2,776 euros, you earn more than half of wage earners in Finland.

Nainen laskee rahojaan pankkiautomaatilla.
Image: YLE

The average median income for state employees is 3,214 euros and 2,562 for those working in the public sector. In the private sector the figure is 2,842 euros. 

Yle has developed a salary comparison tool (in Finnish) that you can access here to see how your paystub measures up to the rest of the country.

All salary information is based on 2011 earnings data compiled by Statistics Finland.

Last year Finns earned the seventh highest salaries in Europe. In the past few years, Finns' earnings have risen faster than the European average.

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