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Melania Trump foregoes Finnish fashion, so far

The US first lady and her Finnish counterpart Jenni Haukio had both chosen butterfly-themed outfits.

Melania Trump ja Jenni Haukio aamiaistapaamisella.
Melania Trump and Jenni Haukio in Mäntyniemi on 16 July 2018. Image: Matti Porre / Tasavallan presidentin kanslia

Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States, has stuck to international luxury brands during her and her husband’s visit to Finland, at least until now.

To the disappointment of Finnish clothing designers, Melania had chosen a light yellow coat dress by Gucci, the Italian luxury brand, and a matching butterfly belt, for the meeting with Finland’s first lady, Jenni Haukio, on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Haukio had picked a light butterfly-patterned dress by Andiata and pumps by Ril’s, both Finnish labels.

It is not known what the butterfly buddies discussed over breakfast but the insect habitat may have been one topic as Haukio was seen pointing towards the garden during her conversation with Mrs Trump.

It also remains unknown what Mrs Trump will undertake while her husband meets Russian president Vladimir Putin. To escape the scorching heat, she might consider a dip in the Baltic Sea in Finnish bikinis. She just needs to watch out for the algae.

Fashion choices matter

According to tabloid Iltalehti, the Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C. had suggested a number of Finnish brands to Mrs Trump.

To no avail, it seems.

On landing in Helsinki on Sunday evening, Melania was photographed disembarking the Air Force One in brown Ralph Lauren leather leggings and a grey coat by US designer Kate Brierley.

Story continues after photograph

Donald ja Melanie Trump
Melania and Donald Trump arrive in Helsinki on 15 July 2018. Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

Pirjo Suhonen from Finnish designer label Ivana Helsinki says the clothing choices of influential people, such as the British or Swedish royal family, have implications for the brand names.

”If Kate Middleton wears a dress of a certain label, it will be sold out in no time.”

During her visits abroad Mrs Trump has favoured the local labels. For example, in France, the former model was dressed in Chanel and in the UK last week she sported a dress by Victoria Beckham.

Mrs Trump has also been criticised for her sartorial decisions. Last month, her choice to wear a Zara coat with the text "I really don't care. Do U?" to visit migrant children at the Texas-Mexico border was largely condemned as tasteless.

Jenni Haukio ja Melanie Trump
Melania Trump and Jenni Haukio pictured in matching butterfly attire. Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

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