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MEP: Bring back marks, francs and lire alongside euros

Finnish Euro-parlamentarian Paavo Väyrynen says that all eurozone member countries should reinstate their former currencies alongside the euro.

Seteleitä markka-ajalta.
Reinstate Finnish marks alongside the euro, says Euro-parlamentarian Paavo Väyrynen. Image: Mika Jyrävä / Yle

Veteran Finnish politician and Euro-parlamentarian Paavo Väyrynen has a suggestion for solving the eurozone crisis: Moving from a single currency to multiple currencies in which each eurozone member state would also have their own national currency alongside the euro.

According to Väyrynen, the main reason for the current eurozone crisis is that a single European currency is unsuitable for greatly varying different national economies.

In addition, Väyrynen says the eurozone situation will only further deteriorate if the European Commission's recent report -- which suggests that member countries increase their economic social responsibility within the eurozone and strengthen supranational decision-making -- is carried out.

By midday Monday, a citizens' initiative petition started by Väyrynen calling for a referendum in Finland on whether the country remain in the eurozone had already gathered more than half of the 50,000 signatures required for the petition to go to a parliamentary vote. 

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