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Meteorologist: Above-zero weekend highs hint at coming of spring

The weekend forecast is for cloudy skies with a chance of scattered snow but warmer, spring-like weather is also ahead.

tulppaanien lehtiä lumessa
Image: Marja Väänänen / Yle

The week’s bone-chilling temperatures will begin to warm up in southern and central Finland as the weekend approaches, according to Yle meteorologist Marjo Hoikkanen.

Daytime highs will still hover around minus five degrees in the south on Wednesday and Thursday, while they will come in at -15 degrees in the north.

On Friday, temperatures will creep above zero degrees in the southwest and the thaw will reach the south on Saturday. Meanwhile eastern Finland will begin to warm up during Sunday and Monday.

However highs will remain below freezing in Lapland, but even there the intense cold will begin to ease somewhat.

Overnight lows are expected to remain below zero throughout the country.

Moving in "a more spring-like" direction

Hoikkanen said it seems that the worst of the wintry cold spell may now be behind us.

“It certainly seems that from here on daytime temperatures are likely to be around zero degrees and we are now heading in a more spring-like direction,” Hoikkanen added.

However she pointed out that in recent days, forecasts have varied and involve some uncertainty involved.

Light snow flurries on the weekend

According to Hoikkanen the weekend will likely be cloudy throughout the country. However occasional breaks in the clouds will let the sun through in some areas.

Starting from Thursday evening scattered snow flurries will spread across the country. In the south above-zero daytime temperatures will result in wet snow.

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