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Midsummer return traffic peaking Sunday afternoon

Roads are filling up as people return to cities after the holiday weekend. Jams are forming on highways 4,5, and 9, according to the Traffic Management Centre.

Autoletka vitostiellä.
Holidaymakers returning from their Midsummer getaway. Image: Heidi Sullström / Yle

The window from 2 to 6pm will be the busiest, says Auli Aaltonen from the Finnish Transport Agency.

Many holidaymakers started their summer vacations this Midsummer weekend, easing inbound traffic volumes as vacationers are not in a hurry to return to urban centres.

Dry weather conditions are also preventing return travellers from heading back to town early in the day. Roads south of Tampere and Lahti will see the most congestion between 4 and 6pm.

Aaltonen of the Finnish Transport Agency says motorists should expect queues on highway 9 between Orivesi and Tampere and on the stretch between Jyväskylä and Heinola on highway 4.

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