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Milder autumn weather in store for Finland this weekend

Yle meteorologists say Finland's ongoing cold snap is on its way out, and mild weather is in store in many regions starting on Friday.

Aurinko pilkistää pilvien välistä
File photo of Vaasa coast. Image: Matti Hietala

The remnants of snow should melt as milder, above-freezing temperatures are set to prevail this weekend in southern and central areas of Finland, according to Yle meteorologists.

Temperatures are expected rise a few degrees above zero in central and southern areas on Friday.

The sun will make appearances particularly in western Finland on Friday as well - and possibly other regions.

Weekend temps to rise

Saturday temperatures will be at least five degrees above zero in southern and central areas. On Sunday temperatures in the south could be even milder.

Though temperatures are set to rise, it will be overcast in much of the country, however.

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