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Minister: Change in Fennovoima nuclear contractor could bring legal problems

Economic Affairs Minister Jan Vapaavuori says legal issues could arise if the nuclear plant planned by the Fennovoima power consortium is delivered by a supplier not named in its original application to government. Vapaavuori was commenting on reports that the Finnish energy consortium is engaged in talks with the Russian nuclear supplier Rosatom on the proposed Pyhäjoki facility.

Ivo Kouklik
Rosatom Overseas Vice President Ivo Kouklik said the contractor is discussing delivery of the Fennovoima nuclear plant as well ownership and financing of the project. Image: Kati Rantala / Yle

According to Rosatom Overseas Vice President Ivo Kouklik, the company has discussed delivering the planned nuclear plant in Pyhäjoki, northern Finland as well as ownership and financing of the project.

Fennovoima chief executive Juha Nurmi declined comment on the nature of the ongoing discussions, which began last spring.

Economic Affairs Minister Jan Vapaavuori praised Fennovoima for actively looking for ways to proceed with the nuclear project, adding that it was natural for the company to seek out new investors after the German energy company E.ON announced that it was pulling out of the project.

While he did not believe that changes in the ownership structure would derail completion of the nuclear plant, Vapaavuori said that a different supplier from the one mentioned in the application could create legal problems.

There is no mention of the Russian contractor in the current documentation. Currently Fennovoima is said to be considering two candidates for delivery of the plant: Rosatom and the Japanese contractor Toshiba. A decision is expected this year.

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