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Minister Fears 'True Finns' Xenophobia

Finland's Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors says she fears the 'True Finns' party might adopt a more xenophobic policy. In an interview given to the paper Aamulehti, Thors said she saw similarities between the party and other populist groupings in Austria and in the other Nordic countries.

She added the parties had mutual contacts noting that people with sharp anti-foreigner views were among the supporters of the True Finns party.

Thors said it was possible to prevent the formation of ghettos in Finland by putting more resources into integration measures. She called for a rise in the current sum of 30 million euros earmarked for promoting the integration of foreigners into Finnish society.

The Minister also expressed her concern over the number of custody cases involving children with a foreign background.

Thors said alienation of young immigrants could pose a problem in the future but, at present, no red warning lights were visible. She promised a review of immigration policy needs in the next budget update.

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