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Minister Resignations over the Years

Former Foreign Minister Ilkka Kanerva isn't the first minister to fall from grace in Finland. In recent years, at least five ministers have resigned from their posts in Finland.

In 1992, Minister of Trade and Industry Kauko Juhantalo resigned following the discovery of shady business dealings. He was expelled from parliament in 1993 after a court sentenced him to a one-year conditional prison sentence for bribery.

Former Second Finance Minister Arja Alho resigned in 1997. Alho had approved lowering compensation damages imposed on Ulf Sundqvist, the former chief of the now defunct STS Bank.

Matti Aura resigned from his post as Transport Minister in 1999 following a scandal involving the telecommunications company Sonera. Aura called for the head of Sonera, Pekka Vennamo, to resign due to shady share trading. He later resigned himself.

Former Minister of Culture Suvi Lindén resigned from her post in 2002. She had granted 170,000 euros to a golf club in which she owned shares.

And in 2003, Finland's first female Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki resigned from the job. She was suspected of lying about how she obtained confidential information she used during an election campaign.


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