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Mobility Week Culminates in Car Free Day

International Car Free Day was observed on Monday, capping off International Mobility Week. This year, the week's theme was air quality and green transportation. Commuters have been challenged to think about the impact of their transportation choices on air quality and to consider their travel habits. Car free day itself urges commuters to think of other ways of getting around, apart from their own cars. Cities across Finland organised observances of the country's ninth car free day. In Turku a free-flowing cultural procession was organised along the banks of the Aura River. Incentives for Public Transportation

City authorities in Tampere revived bygone days by organising horse-drawn cabs as an alternative to modern-day buses. In Kotka, carrots were offered to commuters who chose other forms of transportation than their private cars. In other cities, reflectors were handed out to ensure that pedestrians could be seen in traffic.

In Helsinki, traffic restrictions came into force around the Esplanade park to make way for displays by organisations such as the Helsinki City Transport Authority, The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council, the Helsinki Environment Centre and the Traffic Safety Authority.

To encourage a car free day, authorities in Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa slashed prices on single tickets and bus passes to one euro for adults and 50 cents for children.

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