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Monday's papers: Busy weekend for Coast Guard, rollercoaster scare and wage differences

Today's papers feature stories on coastal emergencies over the Midsummer, a stuck rollercoaster and why it pays to live in Uusimaa.

Purjevene Turun saaristossa.
Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Daily Turun Sanomat informs readers today that the West Finland Coast Guard District had a busy Midsummer weekend.

The coast guard received 41 alerts over the three-day period, as strong winds took many boaters by surprise, especially on Friday. Five of the alerts were considered emergencies.

The most serious accident occurred in the Vaasa archipelago where a boat carrying a family of three suddenly filled with water and capsized. Luckily, a witness to the mishap was able to rescue the family before the authorities arrived, TS reports.

According to the paper, the coast guard breathalysed 450 boaters, with 10 failing the sobriety test. In addition, 16 skippers were fined for lacking appropriate equipment.

Rollercoaster scare

In other news, tabloid Iltalehti reports that some visitors to Powerpark in the western town of Alahärmä got more excitement this Midsummer than they had bargained for when a rollercoaster got stuck in the middle of a ride.

Due to a technical snag, the Cobra rollercoaster stopped shortly after the start during its upward climb. After failing to restart, the passengers were evacuated through stairs.

The father of a 8-year-old rider said his daughter had not panicked.

“She was happy, waving at me, but after being stranded for half an hour, she said she was scared to try the ride again.”

To compensate for the ordeal, the passengers were given ice creams and tickets to a virtual reality ride. That was quite cheap, according to the father.

"They should have promised us new day passes or food," he said.

Salary differences

Meanwhile, daily Keskisuomalainen reports that economic differences between the Finnish regions have diminished.

Quoting a study by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA), the paper says the variations in gross domestic product, labour productivity and employment rate narrowed between the regions during 2000-2015.

However, over the same period, salaries diverged, with people in the Uusimaa region earning the most, and those in the northeastern region of Kainuu making the least.

According to Keskisuomalainen, the results were compared with the German and Italian economies, which have have bigger regional differences.

"While it is positive that economic conditions between the regions have converged, the fact that differences in wages have grown could be problematic in the long term," said Paolo Fornaro from ETLA.

"If well-paid jobs concentrate in richer regions, there will be higher incentives for the young and well-educated to move away from the peripheral areas," he added.

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