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Monday's papers: Tire scandal history, phone booth startup, winter not over yet

Finland's newspapers on Monday revealed that at least one Swedish newspaper had reported about Finnish tire company Nokian Renkaat's fudging of tire test results more than three years ago. A startup company is making phone booths in Tampere. And it appears that winter isn't over just yet.

Daily newspapers.
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Back in August of 2012 Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet reported about tire company Nokian Renkaat's manipulation of its winter tire test results nearly four years ago, Helsingin Sanomat writes on Monday.

Last week revelations were made by business newspaper Kauppalehti that Finnish tire company Nokian Renkaat had manipulated test results on its winter and summer tires to ensure they received top scores by reviewers.

Kauppalehti reported that the company had sent automobile reviewers tires to be tested that were not in production.

But, Aftonbladet's automotive reporter Robert Collin already wondered aloud about Nokian Renkaat's "cheating" on tire tests in August, 2012, Helsingin Sanomat reports.

Back in 2012 Collin wrote that test results of the Nokian Hakka Blue tires were so good they decided to test them a second time when they were available to buy in stores.

Collin's tests found that the commercially-available Hakka Blue tires received test scores about ten percent worse than in the original tests.

"Has Nokian chosen to send tires with especially good qualities to us?" Collins asked in 2012.

Collin wrote that cheating by manufacturers on tire tests is fairly commonplace and that "tire doping" has always been a problem in the industry.

Tampere startup making phone booths

Daily newspaper Aamulehti's front page features the Tampere-based startup company Framery, which manufactures, of all things, phone booths.

The firm's phone booths, unlike previously ubiquitous ones, are modern-looking, soundproof and made to be placed in open offices, airports and unless someone brings their mobile inside - they don't have phones in them.

Framery claims its phone booths are the first of their kind in the world  and meet needs in businesses where open offices are de rigueur and privacy is at a premium, the paper writes.

Framery got its start in the startup incubator Protomo about five years ago, and now employs some 30 people. Promoto's name has since changed to New Factory, which is located in an abandoned Finlayson factory in Tampere.

New Factory assists some 140 startups to grow their businesses and has created some 1,500 jobs, the paper writes.

Winter coats this week, folks

The milder weather over the past few days may have lulled some into the notion that spring is on the way.

Not so, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute, at least this week, Aamulehti reports.

Temperatures across the country will continue to be wintery, which is good news for kids who start winter holidays this week, the paper writes.

On Monday daytime temperatures in the south hover will around -6 degrees Celsius, in central areas -9 degrees and in Lapland the mercury will sit well below -20 degrees Celsius.

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