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Monthly bus ticket prices to rise in capital area

The transport authority said it is also reducing the number of bus routes and eliminating daytime discounts for seniors.

Matkalippu HSL:n sovelluksessa puhelimessa.
HSL's mobile ticket and travel planner app. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

Helsinki's Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is to raise its 30-day season ticket prices by three euros.

The decision was made by HSL's board on Tuesday in a tied vote, with the deciding vote made by the body's chair, Risto Rautava (NCP). Board members from the Left Alliance and the Greens wanted to delay making the decision.

Rautava said the price hike would help to alleviate financial shortfalls caused by a drop in passenger numbers during the coronavirus crisis and noted that he also expects next year to be difficult.

Single ticket prices on HSL transportation will remain unchanged, but seniors over the age of 70 will no longer be offered half-price tickets between the hours of 9am and 2pm.

Instead, like their student counterparts, the 70-plus set will soon be eligible for 45 percent discounts on purchases of 30-day season tickets.

The transportation authority is also aiming to raise its ticket inspection fees to 100 euros from the current 80 euros. The government is to decide on the matter at a later date, according to the authority.

The last time the ticket inspection fee was raised was in 2007.

Buying one-year season tickets will also become cheaper. A 12-month ticket, which currently costs the same as a 11-month pass, will in future cost the equivalent of a 10-month season ticket.

Furthermore, HSL is aiming to save money by reducing the number of bus services. In particular the authority said it would reduce bus lines in areas that are also served by trams.

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