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Month's worth of rain in two days – Wet ahead

A low-pressure front over Northern Europe is bringing rains into Finland, with the warm sea adding to precipitation figures along the coast. Tuesday saw some 20mm of rainfall in Finland Proper and Western Lapland – and in Somero more than three times that amount has come down in less than two days.

Mies on sateenvarjon alla kaatosateessa
Wet ahead as early autumn brings on the rain. Image: Paula Koskinen / Yle

August in Finland usually sees about 60-80 millimetres of rainfall, as summer turns to autumn. On Monday, Kemiönsaari in Finland Proper received 40.3 millimetres on water in a single day.

Tuesday has also been wet, with about 20 millimetres falling in central Finland and Western Lapland. Yle meteorologist Toni Hellinen says that clear skies are still a way off.

“This weather front seems to be holding until the end of the week,” Hellinen says. “Lapland may be a little drier, but cloudier.”

Rains coming in towards the end of the week are expected to be slightly weaker than those seen so far. Fluctuations between areas are also significant.

Somero deluge complicates harvest
Image: Yle

In Somero, Western Finland more than 70 millimetres of rain has fallen in less than two days. South-western parts of the country are experiencing difficulties in gathering the harvest due to the pouring rain, and development organisation ProAgria says that the gusty rainfall has made threshing crops harder.

“Seventy millimetres in two days is a huge amount of water, when you consider that that is the amount generally expected in the whole month of August,” Hellinen reiterates. “The broad, slow-moving low-pressure front in the north of Europe means it will essentially rain every day this week.”

ProAgria says that if the rains continue into next week, the danger of waterlogged crops and increased mildew problems will be next.

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