More snow in store for southern Finland

While Sunday’s forecast for the southern coast promises snowfall throughout the day, in some parts of northern Finland -- such as Lapland's Sodankylä -- the ground is still bare.

Nainen kävelee lumisateessa.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Snowy weather is forecast for southern regions of Finland for Sunday and the start of the week, with up to 20 centimetres of the white stuff expected in the Uusimaa region by Tuesday.

Next week southern Finland will likely have more snow than other parts of Finland, which is unusual. While regions of northern Finland such as eastern Lapland currently have the most snow in the country, the ground is bare in certain areas of Lapland such as Sodankylä.

Snow here to stay

For those regions with snow, it will stick.

“Temperatures will remain below zero and the nights will be cold, so there’s no chance of the snow melting,” says Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström.

Borgström forecasts heavy snowfall on Sunday for coastal areas, with the country's heaviest snowfall set for Monday in southern regions.

“Easterly winds will also be strong at the start of the week, which will make it feel colder. Winds may shift snow drifts onto roads, so drivers should exercise extra caution,” she says.

The weather for the second week of November for the entire country is colder than average.

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