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More snow possible even in the south

Colder than usual nights are set to continue next week. In southern Finland temperatures will dip as low as -10 degrees Celsius after dark, compared to normal average night-time figures of a couple of degrees below freezing point.

Hiihtolatu Herttoniemenrannassa.
Winter is lingering longer than usual this year. Image: Leila Oksa / Yle

The Meteorological Institute says that daytime temperatures, on the other hand, will remain close to the long-term average.

The warmest time of day is currently around 3-5 degrees above zero in the south, or around zero in parts of the north.

The icy conditions could even bring snow to southern regions towards the end of next week. Although the forecasts are uncertain, the south's dry spell is currently expected to last until Thursday, before snow hits on Friday.

Lapland can also expect a small amount of fresh snow.

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