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More snow, rain and slush heading to southern, central Finland

A new precipitation system is approaching Finland from the south-west, bringing wet, heavy snow or sleet to southern and some central areas of the country, possibly causing headaches for commuters on Friday morning.

Loskaiset portaat ja ihminen kävelemässä
Image: Eveliina Matikainen / Yle

Finland's second winter storm of the week is expected to begin overnight on Thursday.

A new precipitation system is approaching Finland from the south-west, which will bring wet, heavy snow or rain — or an unappealing mixture of the two — to southern and central areas of the country early Friday.

While there won't be as much of the messy snow as there was on Tuesday, Yle's meteorologists say that the wintery precipitation will likely cause problems for commuters on Friday morning.

Some 5-10 centimetres of new snow is expected to fall before it's all over, but the likelihood of it staying white and fluffy for long is slim.

Driving conditions are expected to be poor in some areas, the weather watchers say, and as pedestrians who made their way through Tuesday's mess know, sidewalks will likely be difficult to traverse again.

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loska lentää
File photo. Image: Timo Nykyri / Yle

The brewing storm is expected to begin in the south-west in the middle of the night and then move slowly northward during the course of the day on Friday, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

In the south, Friday's daytime temperatures will hover just above or below the freezing point, but likely milder on the coast.

In northern Ostrobothnia and Kajaani temperatures of around -4 degrees are forecast, and temps of approximately -6 degrees across most of Lapland are expected on Friday.

Later in the day the precipitation will head north.

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