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Most Child Porn Leads Go Nowhere

Reports of child pornography on the internet are increasing but most cases remain unsolved, according to the newspaper Sunnuntaisuomalainen.

The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has received about 3,000 tips concerning internet child pornography in the past three years. The majority of the tips direct investigators abroad.

While almost all tips concerning Finns have been resolved, catching criminals abroad is more difficult. Faltering international collaboration means that the majority of those posting internet child pornography sites abroad never get caught.

Most of the tips originate from an internet tip line run by the Save the Children organisation. The organisation passes on the tips to local officials if it can determine where the site is based. Otherwise the tip gets sent to the National Bureau of Investigation.

Most of the tips direct investigators to sites based in Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus. Detective Sergeant Jukka Mäkynen of the IT-Crime Squad at the National Bureau of Investigation says it is difficult to get in contact with officials in these countries. The situation is further complicated because internet crimes have lower priority compared to other crimes in the Ukraine and Belarus.

According to Minister of Transport and Communications Susanna Huovinen, Finnish operators will begin using software to prohibit access to foreign child porn sites this spring. The programs prohibit the average internet user from accessing child porn sites by accident. However, not all transmissions can be blocked.

Owning and sharing child porn is a crime in Finland. However, viewing it is still legal.


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