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Mother's Day scorcher in store for Finland

Inland temperatures on Sunday look to be rising above 25 degrees Celsius.

Rantalentopallopeli käynnissä Hietaniemen uimarannalla Helsingissä.
Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Clear, sunny skies continue to dominate the weather this weekend, according to Yle meteorologist Seija Paasonen, who says that Mother's Day (13 May) will be the warmest day this spring yet.

Saturday will still bring rain across northernmost Lapland.

"Temperatures up there will remain below 10 degrees Celsius," Paasonen says. "But otherwise the north will be bathed in 20-odd degrees, same as the rest of the country."

Finland has adopted the practice of designating 25 degrees Celsius as the "heat wave limit", which Paasonen says will likely be topped on Sunday. The warmest reading for this spring is from Oulu on Thursday, at 24.1 degrees.

viikonlopun sääkartat
Image: Yle Sää

"The new record will very likely be measured inland. Sea winds can noticeably lower temperatures along the coast," says Paasonen.

Next week is also set to begin in summery fashion. Paasonen says that whether or not the warmth will continue depends on how the high pressure front will behave as low pressure systems approach.

Estimates have showers occurring on Tuesday or Wednesday in Southern Finland.

"After that next week looks less certain, and temperatures will likely fall off to more typical levels."

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