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Motorcyclist dies in traffic accident, police on look out for BMW driver

Police are on the look out for two men seen driving a BMW in Orivesi following a fatal motorcycle accident.

The accident took place just north of the central Tampere city. Image: Yle Tampere

On Sunday morning at 10:29 a 30-year-old motorcyclist died in a traffic accident attempting to overtake a vehicle in Orivesi, a small town some 190km north of Helsinki.

The accident took place as two motorcyclists were overtaking a car when the second rider hit the central reservation, then possibly also the car.

According to police the car was a BMW driven by two men in their thirties. The men stopped on the scene, but after seeing the victim, got back in their car and drove away. The motorcyclist died instantly.

Police are now investigating the cause of the accident and any possible role the BMW driver may have had in it.

The accident happened on the outside lane between the Talviainen crossroads and Länkipohja.

According to a witness the BMW was a black 500 model coupe or sedan, with large, sporty rims and a spoiler on the back. Both men in the car appeared to be in their thirties, slim and dressed in summer clothes. One was approximately 185cm tall and wearing a cap.

Police are calling for any witnesses of the accident to contact the police at or to call the voice-mail service at 0800-90022.

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