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MP al-Taee's sick leave continues through mid July

The new MP has been on sick leave since April, following a backlash over inflammatory comments he made on social media.

Hussein al-Taee
SDP MP Hussein al-Taee. Image: Kalevi Rytkölä / Yle

Social Democratic MP Hussein al-Taee's sick leave will continue until 21 July, according to the politician's assistant.

Al-Taee has been on an extensive sick leave since shortly after he was elected in April, following revelations about inflammatory comments he made on social media several years ago.

The first-time Social Democrat (SDP) MP found himself at the centre of controversy after confirming he had made derogatory comments about Jews, Somalis, Sunni Muslims, and homosexuals on Facebook in 2014.

His aide Matti Sadeniemi told Yle that the MP was not available for interviews or comments.

The SDP parliamentary group has said it plans to address the matter of al-Taee's social media comments after he returns from sick leave.

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