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MP al-Taee’s sick leave to continue through May

The first-time MP was put on sick leave late last month due to stress, amid a furore over inflammatory comments he made on social media.

 Hussein al-Taee
File photo of Finnsh MP Hussein al-Taee. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Freshly-elected MP Hussein al-Taee will continue to be on sick leave through the rest of May, according to his party, the Social Democrats.

The SDP announced that al-Taee had been admitted to hospital in late April for stress-related reasons, a day after he confirmed and issued public apologies for having made inflammatory comments on social media several years ago.

al-Taee found himself at the centre of controversy after confirming he had made derogatory comments about Jews, Somalis, Sunni Muslims, and homosexuals on Facebook in 2014.

The MP has since been released from hospital, but when he was first admitted the SDP parliamentary group's chair Antti Lindtman said his sick leave was related to stress the new MP had recently been experiencing.

Last week Finland’s Office of the Prosecutor General asked police to look into whether a preliminary investigation should be opened regarding al-Taee's comments. However police have since announced that they had no reason to suspect the MP of criminal breaches related to the comments.

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