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MPs favour higher speed limits

A majority of MPs on parliament’s transport committee would favour a reform of Finnish speed limits, according to an Yle poll.

Vaihtuvan nopeusrajoituksen kyltti moottoritien varressa.
Image: Yle

The politicians were asked if they would favour a system that allowed drivers to reach 130km/h on motorways in good conditions during the summer, and 110 km/h in the winter, with other roads outside built-up areas getting a 90 km/h limit. That would represent an increase of 10km/h on current limits.

13 of the committee members answered the survey, with ten favouring the higher speed limits and three opposed.

Of those opposed to the change, one cited cost factors, another poor road conditions and the third was concerned about drivers’ discipline.

Finns Party MP Reijo Tossavainen said that he believes current speed limits are too rigid, as they do not take conditions into account.

“I have talked about the issue and waited for the right moment,” Tossavainen said. “It looks like the time is ripe.”

In total, three MPs from the Finns party and four from the National Coalition were in favour of changing the law (although one of the NCP MPs doubted there was sufficient money).

The Centre party’s committee members were split, with two in favour of change and one opposed. One SDP MP was in favour and one opposed, while the only Left Alliance committee member was opposed to higher speed limits.

Silja Ruokola of the Ministry of Transport and Communications’Transport Safety and the Environment Transport Policy Department told Yle that news of the MPs’ thinking was interesting, but that the ministry would have to consider whether it was the right time to change speed limit regulations.

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