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Myyrmäki station unveils Finland’s largest work of street art

Art collective Multicoloured Dreams has painted the station, which was recently renovated as part of the Ring Rail Line that opens this summer connecting Helsinki Railway Station to Helsinki Airport.

Seinätaidetta Myyrmäen juna-asemalla.
Art collective Multicoloured Dreams works with city officials to create public artworks. Image: Petteri Juuti / Yle

In the suburb of Myyrmäki in Vantaa, an old station was turned into a new one with the help of Finland’s largest mural. Painted by the ten-person art collective Multicoloured Dreams, the art work was commissioned in conjunction with station renovations so that Myyrmäki can serve as part of the Ring Rail Line that opens in summer 2015 and runs from Helsinki’s main Railway Station to Helsinki Airport.

Built in 1975, the Myyrmäki station now features new artwork covering 600 square feet of wall space. About 50,000 people live in the greater Myyrmäki area; the suburb was built in the 1970s and embraced street art as early as 1980, when the first wall of graffiti art was unveiled. 

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