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NBI: Kotka hotel was transit point for smuggled doping substances

A Latvian national is suspected of shipping testosterone and anabolic steroids from Latvia to Finland in cardboard boxes via courier, according to the NBI.

Image: Kimmo Brandt / AOP

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said on Tuesday that it suspects more than 800 doses of doping substances were shipped from Latvia to Finland on two occasions last autumn.

The police said they had seized about 500 doses of the substances.

The police suspect a 47-year-old Latvian of smuggling the various doping materials from Latvia via courier to a hotel near Kotka, on Finland's south-eastern coast. The hotel employees are not under suspicion.

Hotel pick-up

Authorities say that after the drugs were shipped, the suspect travelled to Finland, picked up the packages from the hotel and took them to a man from Vantaa, who is thought to be about 50 years old. Police said they suspect the Vantaa resident sold the doping substances in various parts of Finland.

According to police, the man from Vantaa sold at least 100 doses of the doping materials. Law enforcement officials confiscated the substances and more than 10,000 euros in cash – suspected to be proceeds from the sale of the substances – from the man's apartment.

During the investigation police also confiscated a large amount of similar doping drugs from a 21-year-old Vantaa man's apartment. They are suspected to have originated from the older Vantaa man.

Both men from Vantaa are suspected of aggravated doping selling offences and charges against them are under consideration. The Latvian man suspected of smuggling and forwarding the doping substances has not yet been apprehended.

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