NBI: No investigation into Soldiers of Odin secret Facebook posts

Finland's National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says that postings made in a secret Facebook group maintained by leaders of the anti-immigrant group Soldiers of Odin did not constitute criminal activity and that no formal investigation will be carried out. Earlier this summer, Yle obtained screenshots from the group that showed racist messages, featured members making Nazi salutes and included photos of weapons.

soldiers of odin
Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

NBI Detective Chief Inspector Ismo Kopra told Yle on Wednesday that a review of the postings has been completed and no follow-up will be made.

"At least for now, no actual criminal report has been filed, so this 'Odin phenomenon' is not under investigation," said Kopra.

According to Kopra, a review of the materials showed that they did not cross the threshold required to trigger a criminal investigation. He also pointed out that the postings obtained by Yle were made in a closed Facebook group and not publically visible.

Local police first

Ismo Kopra added that the matter will be reconsidered on a case-by-case basis if more evidence comes to light.

"The [Soldiers of] Odin group is spread around the country, so in principle complaints should always be filed first with local police departments. If it starts to look like this is more extensive and there are multiple incidents, then it will be considered whether the National Bureau of Investigation will take over the whole package," Kopra explained.

Since Yle's publication of the existence of the Facebook postings in early June, the NBI has received no further information that would provide due cause to initiate a new review.

"Of course, for our own part we are following the situation and the phenomenon, as are local police departments in all the areas where these activities are observed. If the threshold for an investigation into criminal activity is passed, then of course it will be carried out," Detective Chief Inspector Ismo Kopra stated.

According to Kopra, the threshold may be exceeded if, for example, the group or a member of the group sends messages directly to someone who finds them threatening, dangerous, or insulting. In such a case, the individual targeted can file a report with the nearest police department.

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