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NCP candidate confirmed as Tampere mayor after dramatic recount

A tiny margin of just 15 votes separated the National Coalition Party and the Social Democratic Party in the city.

Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.
National Coalition Party MP and incoming mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen. Image: Antti Eintola / Yle

The National Coalition Party (NCP) candidate Anna-Kaisa Ikonen will become the new mayor of Tampere after a recount on Monday afternoon found the NCP beat the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the city by just 15 votes.

Member of Parliament Ikonen previously served as the mayor of Tampere between 2013 and 2017, and is now set to replace outgoing SDP incumbent Lauri Lyly.

Lyly and the SDP looked on course to retain the mayorship as results gradually came in from the city through Sunday evening, until a very late NCP surge appeared to put them in top spot by just 26 votes.

"It is such a feeling of relief," NCP's Tampere chair Ilkka Sasi said. "It is good that this slight uncertainty has now disappeared and the steps are clear: Anna-Kaisa Ikonen will lead the process, as chair of the NCP's council group."

The very small difference in the number of votes between the two parties led to Monday's recount.

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