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NCP MP Lepomäki breaks from party line, opposes major healthcare reform

National Coalition Party MP Elina Lepomäki has broken from her party's line and said she opposes a planned reform of health and social care as it would increase costs.

Elina Lepomäki
Image: Yle

National Coalition MP Elina Lepomäki, known as an economically liberal voice in parliament, has come out against the government's flagship reform of health and social care.

At a press conference called on Wednesday afternoon in parliament, Lepomäki said she thinks the reform will not produce the savings targeted.

"Savings will not happen under this model, and there isn't any reason to suppose that this model would improve patients' standard of care or access to care," said Lepomäki.

Lepomäki says there are several problems in the reform, which encompasses health and social care and a parallel regional government structure to oversee them.

No incentive to save

The elected regional governments have no incentive to save money, according to Lepomäki, while the freedom of choice agenda that will allow private providers into the system could be struck down by the EU courts.

Lepomäki said that the NCP party faithful was suspicious of the reform, which is being driven forward by the current government formed of MPs from the NCP, the Centre Party and the Blue Reform grouping.

As an alternative, Lepomäki suggested a reform of care services without the extra layer of regional government.

The NCP group in parliament said that Lepomäki was speaking in a personal capacity and they had no information about any other MPs who share her views, and that the party would stick to agreements made with the other government parties.

Any possible sanction by party bosses would only occur if Lepomäki voted against the party line in parliament, according to the NCP group chair Kalle Jokinen.

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