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Nearly one in ten Helsinki region children stay home from school

Classrooms reopened on Thursday. About 8 percent of pupils in the capital region have dropped out of contact teaching.

lapsi kotona kirjojen ääressä
Some kids are continuing lessons at home. Image: Heidi Paal

Even though more than 90 percent of primary school pupils went back to school on Thursday, the number of absences from contact teaching was significant. Some 7,800 pupils in the Greater Helsinki area stayed away from class. That was out of a combined total of approximately 100,000 primary school pupils in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.

Some 8.5 percent of the 44,200 pupils in Helsinki's primary schools were absent on the first day of re-openings.

In Espoo, 7.6 per cent of all primary school pupils were out of school on the first day of classroom teaching. There are 29,000 pupils in Finnish-language education in Espoo.

There was a good deal of variation within Espoo. The largest number of application for exemptions were filed with schools in the Suur-Espoonlahti area 9.1 percent. The second highest was in Leppävaara, 8.6 percent. In contrast, schools in Tapiola received applications for an exemption from classroom attendance from 4.9 percent of the parents or guardians of children.

In Vantaa, 8.5 percent of the city's 24,000 primary school pupils were absent on Thursday.

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