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New 100- and 200-euro notes go into circulation

The new banknotes to be introduced on Tuesday come with enhanced security features.

100 ja 200 euron setelit.
The new 100 and 200 euro banknotes Image: Maik Guedes / Euroopan keskuspankki / Lehtikuva

Brand new 100- and 200-euro banknotes will start circulating in Finland and other eurozone member countries on Tuesday, according to the Bank of Finland.

The introduction of the new banknotes marks the completion of the upgraded Europa series, with revamped 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro banknotes already in circulation. There is no 500-euro banknote in the series.

Enhanced security features

"The bank notes make use of advanced technology. The new security features ensure we continue to stay several steps ahead of counterfeiters," said Päivi Heikkinen, head of Bank of Finland’s Payment Systems department.

According to officials, the 100- and 200-euro notes include a satellite hologram with small euro symbols floating around the number and an upgraded version of the emerald green digits with euro symbols embedded in the numerals.

The notes are sturdier and more durable than the previous series, so they don’t have to be replaced as often, according to Bank of Finland officials. They are also designed to be narrower to fit better in people’s wallets and reduce wear and tear.

All old euro notes will remain legal tender in the eurozone and don’t have to be exchanged for new notes.

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