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New blackouts leave 10K homes powerless

After initial problems were fixed, heavy snowfall has caused yet more power outages in Eastern Finland.

Tykkylumen peittämiä kuusia, joista yksi on kaatunut sähkölinjalle.
Heavy snowfall can cause trees to buckle and fall on power lines. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

Power outages caused by heavy snowfall continue in Eastern Finland, where some ten thousand households are still struggling without electricity. Some 150 electricians are at work to fix the problems.

Blackouts began occurring just before the holidays and affected eastern homes the hardest. Repair workers returned electrical power to most houses in the region around Christmas, but renewed snowfall and fallen trees have caused yet more issues with the electricity supply.

Power company PKS Sähkönsiirto says that the newest bout of disturbances has been ongoing for some four days. Areas with the most trouble include Lieksa, Suomussalmi, Ilomantsi and Hyrynsalmi.

The number of power problems climbed early Saturday morning, but the North Karelia emergency services say that coming rainy weather may help clear the grid of errors after the New Year.

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