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New charges in Oulu sexual abuse cases

Prosecutors have filed charges in a case of sexual crimes believed to have taken place between July and October of last year.

oulun kaupungintalo
Oulu's City Hall. Image: Matias Sieppi / AOP

The prosecutor's office in Oulu says that charges of aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape have been formally filed against a defendant in custody described as a man of foreign background born in 1975.

The offenses are thought to have taken place in the city centre and in the Tuira district of the city. The accused has denied the charges.

This is reportedly the second set of charges filed in a recent series of investigations into sex crimes in Oulu. Earlier this month, charges of aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape were brought against a 22 year-old man also of foreign background.

A court will begin proceedings in that case on Tuesday 26.2. The defendant has denied the charges.

Investigations of sex crimes in Oulu have been the focus of major media coverage since eight men were detained in December. None of those eight cases have yet gone to court.

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