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New confectioners sweeten Turku business scene

The new enterprise will employ about ten workers making salmiakki and fruit candies.

Valikoima kirkkaan värikkäitä pääsisäiskarkkeja
Image: Arja Lento / Yle

Two former employees of the confectionery company Leaf are to set up shop in Turku’s Kaarina district. The entrepreneurs will begin their own candy factory this autumn.

The company will be called Candy World (Karkkimaailma) and will begin churning out sweets from the site of the former bakery of the Aschan coffee shop chain in Piikiö.

Initially, the plant is expected to produce around 450,000 kilograms of different kinds of fruit candies and salmiakki – a salty licorice and a Finnish favourite – which will be sold in Finland and other Nordic countries.

In its start up phase the factory will employ about 10 workers.

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