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New EU roaming cap starts mid-June

The European Parliament and member countries have reached an agreement regarding a ceiling on tariffs between different operators. New EU roaming rules step into effect on June 15, which means the cost of making and receiving calls abroad within the EU will no longer be subject to extra charges.

Nuoret tutkivat kännyköitään.
Tutkijat ovat listanneet kymmeniä erilaisia ajatusvirheitä. Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

According to the new deal reached by the European Parliament and member countries, from June 15th forward operators can no longer charge additional fees for mobile phone usage in EU countries other than the one that the device is registered in.

National telecoms regulators from EU member states must ensure that mobile phone operators comply with the new rules on data roaming and the lower prices of voice calls.

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