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New Green Party chair strives to lead party towards premiership

Newly-elected leader of the Green League Touko Aalto called for more dialogue between the government and opposition parties, especially regarding the upcoming health and social care reform.

Tuore puheenjohtaja Touko Aalto pitää linjapuhetta vihreiden puoluekokouksessa.
Touko Aalto Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Newly-elected leader of the Green League MP Touko Aalto held a speech at the Greens’ party convention in Tampere, outlining his goals for his chairmanship. A standout theme was to bring more collaboration to politics.

”It is clear Finland needs renovation. Great societal changes need a solid base,” Aalto said.

Aalto called for more continuity between elections, and questioned why decisions made by previous governments are scratched completely with every new leadership. He said he would like to see more dialogue between all parties, especially with the upcoming health care and social services reform.

“We should include all the parties in negotiations about reforms, and commit them to different proposals. It might sound laborious, but it will be worth it,” Aalto said.

Touko Aalto echoed former chair Ville Niinistö, who in an emotional farewell speech declared the Greens should pursue Finland’s premiership.

“The Green League is a strong, diverse party for the whole of Finland. Next, it is time to make us the party with a prime minister,” Aalto said.

Aalto will lead his party through the parliamentary election in 2019. Currently the second-largest opposition party with 15 seats in the 200-member Parliament, the Greens posted the biggest gains in the 2017 municipal elections. They were the only major party to significantly gain support with a rise of nearly four percent, helping them to gain 200 more spots on municipal councils throughout the country.

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