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New growth for Finnish airports

Helsinki Airport has set a new annual passenger volume record of 15 million. Meanwhile travelers in Pori are looking forward to a new air bridge service to Kokkola.

Lennonjohtaja lennonjohtotornissa Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla.
The Helsinki airport welcomed 15 million passengers during 2013. Image: Finavia

Airport officials - accompanied by Santa Claus - yesterday welcomed this year's 15th millionth passenger.

Chinese traveler Jiayang Zhuo was just passing through, returning to Shanghai from Amsterdam.

Helsinki airport begins its biggest development project ever next month, and expects annual volumes of 20 million by the beginning of the next decade.

New airline service for Pori

Meanwhile air passengers in Pori will get another option for air transportation in the form Nextjet, a newly-established airline that will fly between Stockholm in Sweden and Kokkola on Finland’s west coast.

The airline will make a layover in Pori on some of its scheduled flights, but has not yet published any precise schedules.

The service will be operated by a 33-seat SAAB 340 aircraft. Airline officials said in a release Friday that passengers will be flown between Pori and Kokkola.

However Pori airport manager Seppo Mäkitalo said that it’s possible that in the future flights may be available between Pori and Stockholm.

The airport chief said that news of the new airline offering came as a surprise and that airport officials will now be considering opening hours for the terminal.

There have been previous attempts to establish an air bridge between Pori and Stockholm, but so far none has proved profitable.

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