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New Helsinki City Council shaping up in record time

The spectrum of political party representation in coming appointments to Helsinki City Council tasks was agreed upon on Saturday. Mayor-to-be Jan Vapaavuori tweeted the information after a negotiation period of five days.

Ilmakuva Helsingin keskustasta.
Helsinki's new bigwigs will be chosen by the end of the month, says mayor-to-be Jan Vapaavuori. Image: Jouko Tapper / Yle

Finland's political parties have reached an agreement on the distribution of Helsinki's prime City Council spots.

The coming mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori said that the negotiations were concluded in record time. He tweeted the results of the negotiations on Saturday.

"In five days, all ten groups represented on the council agreed to the appointments in good spirits."

City of Helsinki top tasks in the coming council term.
Best jobs in the city: here is how political parties are represented in the coming City Council. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka
The National Coalition Party, largest on the council, secured the mayorship and one of four appointments for deputy mayor. The party's mandate also includes a focus on Helsinki's education sector.

As the second-largest party in the capital, the Greens received two deputy mayor spots -- one for urban environment development and one in charge of social services and healthcare.

The final deputy mayor slot along with the responsibility for culture and leisure went to the Social Democrats.

Vapaavuori says the party council groups will make their decisions for the four deputy mayorships by the end of the month.

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