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New Järnefelt artwork of Sibelius found

A previously unknown work by Finnish artist Eero Järnefelt has been discovered.

Eero Järnefeltin tekemä grafiikkavedos Jean Sibeliuksesta.
A previously unknown work by Finnish artist Eero Järnefelt depicting Jean Sibelius has been discovered. Image: Yle

A privately-owned artwork by Finnish realist painter Eero Järnefelt (1863-1937) depicting famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was discovered in conjunction with a Järnefelt exhibition by the Järvenpää Art Museum.

The artwork was discovered a week ago when the Järvenpää Art Museum near Helsinki was putting together Järnefelt's 150th anniversary exhibition.

The lithograph has been examined and found to be authentic. It was likely completed between 1906 and 1910. It is apparently unique and not part of a series. Composer Jean Sibelius was married to Eero Järnefelt's sister, Aino.

It is rare to discover unknown works by the Finnish masters of the Golden Age, though it is possible to find them in private collections.

The new work will be available for public viewing as of next week.

On Saturday evening it was announced that another previously unknown Järnefelt art work had surfaced. The owner got in touch after seeing the news about the print portraying Sibelius.  

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