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New measles cases confirmed in Finland

With two new cases diagnosed in North Karelia and Vantaa, some rail and ferry passengers are being urged to check if their immunity is up to date.

Miehen kädessä on rokote.
MMR inoculations against measles, mumps, and rubella are are provided free of charge at public healthcare centres in Finland. Image: AOP

Two new cases of measles have been diagnosed in Finland. One is a child on holiday in North Karelia who is reported to be in stable condition. The child travelled by train from Moscow to Kouvola and from Kouvola to Joensuu. The child had not been vaccinated against measles and was infected abroad.

The young patient left by train from Moscow on Friday, 26 April at 11.10pm, arriving in Kouvola on Saturday, 27 April at 11.08 am. The infant travelled on from Kouvola to Joensuu by train the same day between 11.43am and 2.49pm.

Commuters who travelled on those same trains are being urged to check that their immunity to the measles virus is up to date.

The sick child was brought to the North Karelia Central Hospital last weekend where the measles diagnosis was confirmed. The patient is now receiving treatment.

Fewer than 10 other patients and around 20 staff members were exposed to the virus after the child was first admitted.

Case in Vantaa

Another case of measles has been reported in the city of Vantaa.

The patient was infected while travelling in Eastern Europe. The symptoms in this case are reportedly mild as the unnamed individual was vaccinated abroad against the disease in childhood.

Before being diagnosed, this individual was aboard the Tallink Megastar ferry travelling from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki on 26 April, departing at 7.30pm.

Representatives of the Tallink Silja Line are attempting to contact passengers who were on the same ship at the time.

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