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New meteorite crater identified beneath Central Finland lake

Geologists have identified a small meteorite crater at the bottom of Summasjärvi Lake in Central Finland, making it the 12th discovered in the country.

Lake Summanen (Summasjärvi) is located in Saarijärvi, central Finland. Image: Satu Hietala

Geologists and geophysicists from the Geological Survey of Finland GTK, the University of Helsinki and the University of Tartu in Estonia have identified Finland’s 12th meteor crater at the bottom of Summasjärvi Lake or Lake Summanen in Central Finland.

News of the finding was reported in the industry publication Meteoritics and Planetary Science on Monday.

The first indications that a crater was located under the lake came in the early 2000s when GTK geologist Jouko Vanne observed anomalies in electrical conductivity that suggested the presence of a meteorite.

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3D-kuva Summasesta.
A 3-D image with a dotted yellow line depicting the location of the impact crater. The shoreline is indicated by a red line. Image: GTK

Last year, officials set out on field searches and scoured the area for signs of a meteor impact and found evidence of a strike in the form of shatter cones.

The bedrock in the area is estimated to be some two billion years old. However the meteorite impact has been estimated to be younger but its precise age has not yet been determined. Geologists also don’t know the precise diameter of the crater, but estimate it to be between two and three kilometres.

The Summasjärvi crater is not the only one discovered in Central Finland. Others have been identified in Karikkoselkä and Keurusselkä.

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